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After a few month of successful cooperation together with our business partner Infoniqa, we started a new project: the generation of an Infoniqa R&D Center in Cracow.

We decided to support that project because over 3.1 million employees in Austria, Germany and Switzerland rely on Infoniqa's expertise every day.
They appreciate the clients trust. That is why they listen and develop software in close cooperation with real users. Therefore, Infoniqa expands its business to the Polish market in order to provide further solution development by working together with high potentials and best talents in Poland.

Infoniqa is a holistic solution partner, who always lends a hand so users can concentrate on their success. These values have convinced us and we are sure that they will gain the interest of many specialists in Poland and that is why NMI ERP decided to be a part of this journey.

A few words about Infoniqa and their values.


For more than 34 years, Infoniqa has been dedicated to making life easier for HR specialists. They are happy to go the extra mile for you and keep your back free. Only then can you concentrate on what really counts: Employees who like to give their best.


Stay as flexible as possible at all times! In the offer you will find holistic solutions covering the entire employee lifecycle and relieve the burden on HR- and Business areas to the exact extent you want: individual, reliable and in the best Infoniqa quality.


Above-average customer satisfaction is most important for Infoniqa, which is why they work closely with users. Their success proves right of that idea: fair, experienced and with the best possible quality, they have developed into one of the leading and at the same time fastest-growing solution providers in the German-speaking HR market.


Infoniqa sees change as an opportunity: every dimension, from technologies to services to all structures, should be improved and taken to the next level.


The Infoniqa team is more than the sum of its parts. People at Infoniqa are supported in overcome own limits and develop. The team creates a fair and respectful working environment in which everyone can and should take personal responsibility. They live a ONE Infoniqa team spirit.


Infoniqa lives responsible entrepreneurship: Those who choose Infoniqa as an employer or as a business partner can rely on a long-term, sustainable and respectful cooperation with an economically stable company.

Tips from the team

Monika Füllmann

Director Sales Germany

Despite all the digitalisation, it is elementary to always keep people in mind. Employees are not only "capital" (HC) and "resource" (HR), but first and foremost people who can achieve incredible things if given the opportunity. That was and remains the key to success.

Patrick Attanasio

Chief Sales Officer

We know from feedback from our clients that digital support can save up to 80% of time and costs in HR work - the rate is even higher for outsourcing services. This is exactly the freedom that is needed to develop successful strategies for the ever-changing HR market and thus to hold one's own in tomorrow's labour market.

Tanja Ziegler

Managing Director Infoniqa Germany

I can only encourage users and customers to take advantage of the opportunities for participation that Infoniqa offers: Provide constant feedback and thus actively and directly participate in the development. We take your feedback very seriously and perhaps exactly your suggestion for new functions or the like will be implemented in one of the upcoming software versions.

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