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Opinion has been providing its partners with comprehensive visual communication services for 25 years. More information regarding the company can be found at:

Opinion Ltd.

Opinion has been providing its partners with comprehensive visual communication services for 25 years. More information regarding the company can be found at:

Scope of implementation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been running in the company since 2014. Currently, the system is used by about 50 employees in various departments. With the new structure of SAFT files effective from 2022, users of unsupported versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV have lost the ability to generate SAFT files that comply with the new legal requirements. With extensive versions of the system, packed with individual modifications tailored to the specifics of the business, changing the system to an upgraded version requires the involvement of employees, resources and a considerable amount of time. It was necessary to find a way to combine work within the existing system architecture with new functionalities to ensure compliance with current regulations. The company initially used another solution for generating the required SAFT files, but its use involved a loss of automatization, additional work required on the part of the accounting office, and little flexibility. It was therefore decided that another model, more suited to the company’s needs, had to be found.

Challenges and dedicated options

Making the key functionalities of the financial area quickly available was the biggest challenge. The hybrid solution was adjusted so that all data collected in the system used so far, was transferred to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, processed there in the finance and accounting area and then the necessary cost information was transferred back to the former system. Updates are performed automatically with elimination of similar problems in case of future changes in regulations. Additionally, other options have been made available, such as the creation of EU VAT declarations or automatic transfers, which were previously unavailable.

„It was important to have a short implementation time and immediately obtain the ability to generate SAFT files in the correct format. Due to the complexity of business processes, we could not consider a complete change of the system. A hybrid form assuming cooperation of the systems was the best solution. Refining the model and the data exchange scheme required a quick familiarization with the company’s business processes, their influence on the system and adjusting the data exchange in such a way in order to keep things running smoothly.”

Rafał Dziduch, Business Development Manager at NMI ERP

Additional tools launched on implementation

The much broader possibilities offered within the cloud version provided access to the use of modern forms of reporting within the PowerBI tool.

New versions of margin reports tailored to the company’s requirements have been prepared. It includes, for example, the level of complaint handling presented in a graphic form interesting enough to be used directly in internal information and newsletters.

Also, the latest version of monthly management reports including summaries of transactions or incurred costs was rated much higher by the users in terms of accessibility, updating and form of presenting key information.

Implementation time

It took 6 weeks to analyse the needs, customise the functionality, prepare the implementation and get it operating.

Benefits of the introduced changes

After the launch of the hybrid system solution, existing users use Microsoft Dynamics NAV as before, while accounting and the bookkeeping office use the new cloud-based version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the launch of the additional new online version, the company gained the ability to generate the correct SAFT files, access to new functionalities such as VAT EU declarations, electronic banking, verification of bank accounts and VAT activity of contractors. The launch of a feature allowing the generation of transfers directly from the system, including the Split Payment mechanism, is also currently underway.

Reporting functionality has also been expanded to include capabilities offered within PowerBI. Much wider access to practical tools supporting full automatization of business operations in the cloud version has led to plans to move all processes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the future.

„Our implementation of Business Central relates to the accounting and finance area plus the consultants supporting the preparation of the tool, who have knowledge of accounting issues and not just IT solutions, is priceless. The proposal itself to implement a hybrid version of the system is an example of a solution perfectly suited to our expectations. It has provided us with a sense of stability and security related to financial operations, as in case of future changes we are assured access to the latest and fully updated version of the ERP system incorporating Polish functionalities. Professional advice, insight into problematic issues and immediate, accurate suggestions for solving them also caused us to change our service supervisor to NMI ERP. And it was a good decision, our requests are processed at the speed of light!”

Anna Cieśla, Chief Accountant at Opinion Ltd.

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Rafał Dziduch
Business Development Manager

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