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Good morning! See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) optimizes production processes.

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Planning and optimization

Even the best theory of production management will not work if the production manager does not have the right tools. I know from experience that the lack of complete data on the processes taking place, efficiency or capacity of production lines prevents effective planning and flexible production control or optimization. Likewise, without efficiently coordinating purchases and deliveries, chaos arises, generating costs and losses. A company with such an organized production is doomed to failure.

I cannot imagine modern production management without the ERP 365 Business Central system

After the implementation of the ERP system, my company gained a comprehensive tool supporting technological production preparation, forecasting and planning, process and resource management. Some activities are automated, and all processes are fully integrated with other areas in the company – primarily with Sales, Purchasing and Warehouse. The production management program allows me to adjust the production intensity to the current and forecasted needs. Downtime has been kept to a minimum, and I have managed to completely eliminate overuse and overload of individual elements.

With the help of the ERP system for production, I gained more effective tools for planning production and estimating the time of order fulfillment, as well as for determining and controlling quality indicators. Here are the effects of their use:

  • the just-in-time method allows you to increase the quality of production and significantly reduce the costs of non-productive time
  • access to complete statistics on the efficiency, effectiveness and occupancy of individual production elements, gives the opportunity to improve production processes
  • defining versions of product structures and routes, as well as full parameterization and configuration of resources, allows to significantly reduce the number of errors
  • planning and automation of some processes allows the use of modern production techniques

Bearing in mind the dynamic development of production, we wanted a system that would provide the basis for efficient management of the company in the growth phase. Thanks to the scalability of Dynamics NAV, we are sure that it will comprehensively support the development of our company.

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The ERP system is the perfect software for manufacturing companies that connects production with the rest of the company

The data from the production module is one of the most crucial. It shows in the fullest way whether the company operates in an effective manner. Production is also the most sensitive to any disruptions in the flow of information – the lack of data from the market and sales department means the inability to create a precise forecast of the demand, and thus prevent the subsequent downtime and “hot periods” disrupting work in the company.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Business Central 365 (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV) is an intelligent solution, through which production acts as a self-regulating, the precise mechanism and easily adapts to changing ambient conditions and business needs of the company.

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The Production module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes the following areas:

 • Product design

• Production abilities

• Planning

• Production orders

• Costs

 With features that have software for manufacturing companies of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can effectively manage the processes of production, which leads to increased productivity and provides detailed insight to information at every stage of the production process. It also allows you to manage resources and facilitate the planning process.

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