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Jewelry industry

In this case study, we will focus on the implementation we carried out for a client who operates in the jewelry market and has been supplying its customers with top-quality jewelry for many years.

Scope of implementation

The client, which had previously been using Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2017, decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The change was prompted by the desire to increase the efficiency and security of their business, as well as the fact that Dynamics NAV was no longer supported and developed by the manufacturer. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was a complex project that required transferring a huge amount of data and users to a new platform. To facilitate this process, the client took advantage of the user training offer, which provided the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively use the system.

Due to the nature and size of the client’s business, it was also necessary to effectively integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with many other systems that support the functioning of the company. The integration of these external programs enabled a smooth flow of information, facilitated cooperation between different departments and optimized the work of the entire company.

Challenges and dedicated options

The implementation was not without challenges. One of the issues NMI ERP had to face was adapting to the new data exchange model. The transition to Business Central required updating processes and integrating with other systems, which posed the risk of errors in information flow.

Another significant challenge in the implementation was the limited time for thorough end-user testing. Despite this, a smooth launch of Business Central within the stipulated timeframe was successfully ensured.

„The implementation of the new Business Central system included many complex elements, but despite this, there was no delay, and the entire system was implemented according to the previously agreed schedule. A key success was launching the systems along with the coming new year, which was necessary from the perspective of our client.

A major challenge for our team was the creation of new system connections, which significantly improved the overall operations of our client's enterprise. For example, it became possible to comprehensively handle processes related to the acquisition of purchase orders. This solution also introduced the option of internal releases or purchase takeover. We also managed to replace unused modifications that were not contributing significantly to the efficiency of our client's operations.

Our entire team values challenges and strives to find solutions tailored to the client’s needs. Therefore, working on such projects is both a source of satisfaction and an opportunity to learn and develop our skills."

Justyna Krawczyk, Project Manager at NMI ERP

Additional tools launched during the implementation

System integrations, most of which were designed by NMI ERP specialists, enabled and greatly facilitated many key activities that had a significant impact on the overall condition and security of the company.

One of the system integrations created by NMI ERP was the collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the system supporting retail sales and fiscal printers. NMI ERP developers improved, among others, the registration of different types of sales. One of the significant issues resolved by the cross-system integration was the import of invoices to fiscal receipts. All of these interconnections greatly improved customer operations.

An important interconnection constructed and tailored specifically to the client’s needs turned out to be the workflow system with the option to download purchase invoices and correction invoices. With this solution, accounting processes were greatly facilitated and document movements became easier to control.

Implementation time

The entire procedure including requirements analysis, functionality customization, implementation preparation and final launch took us 8 months.

Benefits of implementing the changes

Combining BC with other leading applications into one common environment created new opportunities and eliminated the need for unnecessary modifications and transformations. The integrated platform created by NMI ERP specialists improved collaboration between systems operating in the enterprise, which translated into increased revenues for our client.

Another achievement was the launch of a comprehensive billing process of our client’s sales, which improved financial management and more.

The change from the old system to the modern Business Central enabled the company to access advanced features and an intuitive interface, which contributed to increased employee productivity. With this improvement, our client's team was able to better focus on strategic business decisions and more effectively meet customer demands.

The client was provided with support in the form of tutorial videos, training courses or email instructions. This allowed for a smooth and easy transition from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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