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Professional image of the company

I provide my clients with extensive maintenance services, so I realize that it is a critical place on which the company’s image and customer satisfaction depend. The traditional paper flow of documents and the classic record of service and warranty contracts made the time of service implementation drastically long and customers deprived of current information about the status of the order quickly became impatient. Therefore, complaints and complaints multiplied.

Exemolary service means fewer dissatisfied

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system(previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV)allows me to fully control the service of the order, monitor costs and control the profitability of service contracts.  The service time will be significantly shortened, it i salso possible to track its status, as well as generate electronic notifications for customers.As a result, the numer of complaints and hence- dissatisfied customers has significantly decreased.

In the case of my company, the implementation of the ERP 365 Business Central system was a profitable investment in its image.

Thanks to Dynamics NAV sys, teh website I manage has gained significantly. The main benefits are:

  • Automatic invoicing of contracts and service orders
  • Automatic generation of planned orders for service contracts
  • Automatic generation of notifications about the status of the service order
  • Electronic document flow
  • Complete and always up-to-date record of items covered by the service
  • Price management for maintenance services
  • Management of service and warranty contarcts and their recording
  • Functionality of offering service contracts – a service contract can be automatically generated  from the offer

The specific implementation requirements resulted from the specifics of IBCS, which also offers warranty and post-warranty service for the solutions it provides. This forced the introduction of quite significant extensions both in the files of buyers and in the inventory files. Was introduced, inter alia, concession service, which was based on the functionality of inventory variants available in NAV.

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A  modern website only with an ERP system

The service functions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV)  allow for effective management of all items covered by the service.In particular by means of serial numbers, barcodes, batch numbers, in terms of details and conditions of warranty contracts, prices and criteria for identyfying and qualifying faults as well as avialable replacement items.

Everyting is available in one place and without the need to create inconvenient paper documentation.

Discover new possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

See the video presenting the module’s capabilities

The Service module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV) is based on management tools supporting the implementation of maintenance services in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks to the available functions, the user can quickly access the history of the buyer’s website, forecast buyers’ needs and manage data related to orders in real time.

The Service module, available from the Departments menu, includes the following application areas: Contract Management, Task Planning and Allocation, and Order Processing.

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