Dynamic warehouse management

Hello! I will show you how MS Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV) organizes the entire warehouse management.

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The warehouse with MS Dynamics 365 Business Central is the heart of the company

As my business grew, the warehouse operations became more and more complicated. This is where the most important processes – sales, production and financial – began to intersect. Warehousemen, apart from the basic record keeping tasks, had to provide a lot of information influencing the company’s operations. The times when the Warehouse was simply a place to store supplies are long over.

Basic warehouse processes can be shortened by up to 30%

The ERP 365 Business Central system made the Warehouse a true operational center driving development and generating profits. Some processes are automated, which significantly reduces service time. We reduced our stock levels, eliminated errors, and reduced the costs of in-warehouse logistics. The warehouse space is optimally used because the system itself suggests the best allocation of resources. Thanks to this, the warehouse has become a place that earns money, and warehouse workers can handle even the most complex logistics processes of the supply chain.

After implementing the ERP system, my warehouse is able to meet the challenges of modern logistics. This is influenced by:

  • just-in-time inventory management
  • cross docking
  • high-bay warehouse management
  • automatic selection of fast-moving goods
  • optimal use of warehouse space, reduction of the costs of inventory relocation within the warehouse and between warehouses as well as shortening the picking time
  • automating the allocation of inventory between locations
  • mobile warehouse management
  • barcode system

In the warehouse area, the quality of palletizing has increased, and the quality control time has been shortened while maintaining high standards. Reporting and compiling information just got easier. Finally, we dealt with the circulation of documents, thanks to the automation of information flow between the warehouse, production and the financial and accounting sphere.

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The warehouse is a dynamic object, so it needs a dynamic tool

The functionality of the Warehouse service in the ERP 365 Business Central system allows you to automate most of the process recording activities. It allows you to create planning procedures and automatic inventory maintenance based on defined minimum stocks and current production demand.


The possibility of implementing a mobile application for warehouse management, as well as a labeling system using bar codes, makes warehouse management a smooth and dynamic process, and thanks to this – basic activities such as inventory, receipts and warehouse releases are shortened by up to 30%.

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