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Synergy effect supported by technology

Good morning! I will tell you how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central influenced the operation of my team.

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New quality of contact with the client

The Sales and Marketing Department is one of the most critical points in any company. Traditionally, we have to do everything ASAP and yesterday, and work is a constant race against time. Before ERP implementation, most of the day was spent gathering information – from e-mails, offers, web inquiries and phone calls. And when that wasn’t enough, a journey through the company began in search of someone who knew the answers to our questions. But I found out that creating an offer or a marketing campaign does not have to be such a cruel ordeal.

The implementation of the ERP system has changed the style of work

The integration of the ERP system with CRM and other systems in the company allowed to obtain one customer base with data from all available sources. From that moment on, many processes take place automatically, and our team has more time to build and maintain relationships with customers, and above all to look for new ones. The ERP system has also given our marketers access to up-to-date statistics and reports, thanks to which we implement marketing strategies based on hard data, and not wishful thinking.

With the ERP system, we effectively plan our activities and know exactly what their effects are:


  • we shortened the bidding time by 50%
  • we have been able to estimate the order fulfillment time, automatically invoice and send documents in electronic form
  • we have received precise analytical tools to measure the effectiveness of activities, in particular ROI
  • we can set prices and discounts, as well as personalized marketing messages based on complete customer data – information about previous purchases, sales value, dates of last transactions, etc.

In the sales department, the bidding process was dramatically accelerated. I can confidently say that as of today it has been shortened by about 90%. Invoicing and the creation of shipping documents have been automated thanks to the integration of the system with the services of DHL and GLS courier companies

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The implementation of the ERP system improves communication throughout the company

The implementation of the ERP system improves communication throughout the company

One of the biggest problems for marketers and salespeople is the lack of communication and access to information. These problems translate not only into cooperation within the company, but also into the image among customers. Having data from production, warehouse or project management at your disposal, the time of order fulfillment and their valuation are much more efficient and faster. These data make it possible to shorten the time needed to present an offer by up to half. This translates into better contact with the customer, increased customer satisfaction with the services offered and often allows you to stay ahead of the competition. The ERP system also allows you to adjust the intensity of marketing activities to the needs and production capabilities, thanks to which there is no situation in which disappointed customers leave empty-handed.

Sales and marketing is the first front line on which there is a constant struggle between the interests of the company and the expectations of customers. Only efficient communication between all departments and access to reliable and up-to-date data give the synergy effect – sales and marketing activities do not take place in a vacuum, and work together with the rest of the company for its success.

Discover new possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

See a video of adding a new buyer

Thanks to the integration with the Accounting Information Bureau, you can use the “download data from BIR” function. After completing the NIP number, the buyer’s data will be downloaded. Select “Stocks” and the function “Update buyer record”. The card is ready to be used in sales documents. If you want to use this tab as a template when creating buyers in the future, you can use the “Save As Template” feature.

You can define bank accounts for the buyer to help automate the posting of bank transfers, or shipping addresses if one buyer has several. Directly from the buyer record, you can go to creating sales documents. After exiting the file, we see that the buyer has been added to the list of buyers.

Watch the video and learn more.

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