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Renta is a company providing the latest solutions in the construction equipment rental industry. More information about the company available on


Renta is a company providing the latest solutions in the construction equipment rental industry. More information about the company available on

Scope of implementation

The desire for better integration of the entire Renta group dispersed around the Baltic Sea, the need to modernise data security systems and the dynamic growth in Poland made it necessary to change the existing sales system for the Polish company. Due to the reliability and high quality previously provided by NMI ERP, Renta decided to implement the latest generation of the Hyrma system, accessible via any web browser.

The system previously used by Renta did not guarantee an adequate level of data security. Therefore, it was crucial for our customer to ensure higher standards of it.

The implemented Hyrma meets these requirements and additionally enables comprehensive management of all aspects of rental, sales, and warehouse management, while offering transparency and efficiency.

Furthermore, the programme has been fully integrated with the previously implemented by NMI ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which serves as the financial and accounting system. Renta plans to migrate Business Central to a cloud environment to further develop and optimise internal processes.

Challenges and dedicated options

Since Hyrma is a Swedish programme, one of the main challenges was to adapt the programme to the complex regulations of Polish law. A considerable challenge was also to conduct a smooth migration of a huge amount of data and its mapping, crucial to ensure continuity of reporting in the group’s BI systems.

In the process of integrating Hyrma with the Business Central system, an additional task was the configuration of fiscal printers and the ability to print receipts from the accounting system. These issues were successfully resolved. System coherence was effectively ensured in terms of the accounting documents created and in terms of the automatic recording of customer information, thus fulfilling the main objectives of the project.

“During the implementation process, we had to face the adaptation of the Swedish system to Polish standards and the current Polish law, which differs from the Swedish legislation in many aspects. It was necessary to create and develop the scope of rights for the new user roles in a way corresponding to the work organisation principals adopted in Renta. The new roles made it possible to modify the ability of individual users to access certain functions and information, which guaranteed the security of created transactions and was in line with company policies. A cashiering module was also created in Hyrma, allowing the creation of documents and cash reports.

A major challenge was the migration of data from a then unfamiliar system to Hyrma. Thanks to the meticulous preparation of the script that enabled the data to be downloaded and then uploaded, the migration went smoothly and Renta was able to work with the existing, correct data, such as open contracts, the list of contractors and the inventory register, from day one. The transition to the new system, went smoothly and did not disrupt the company’s business continuity in any way, which I consider a remarkable success.”

Iwona Malinowska, ERP Consultant at NMI ERP

Additional tools launched on implementation

Hyrma offers extensive customisation of the system, so that modifications can be easily tailored to individual needs. Hyrma’s flexibility has therefore enabled the system to be efficiently extended to meet specific requirements and expectations.

Automatic emailing of the e-invoices in PDF format with prior approval from customers or configuring the system to allow simultaneous, mass emailing of invoices from different branches were two of the main adaptations introduced by NMI ERP.

In addition, an option was introduced to send express reminders to customers regarding overdue payments.

A functionality tailored to the Polish legislation, in particular VAT regulations, was also designed specifically for Renta.

Implementation time

The entire process, which included surveying the expectations, adjusting functions, preparing the implementation including the launch, took eight months.

Benefits of the introduced changes

The launch of the system in the production environment took place on 1 April 2023, and since then the programme has been providing its usefulness through transparency and simplicity. Thanks to the initial training conducted and the instructions provided in the form of short recordings given to Renta, the adaptation went smoothly and users could easily navigate in the new system from the very beginning.

All data requirements have also been met. In addition, the system is reliable and has a high performance, which are also in line with the expectations.

"I am extremely satisfied with the partnership with NMI ERP, who has successfully implemented another programme for Renta – Hyrma. The efforts, determination and experience of the NMI ERP team have successfully resolved all the original constraints and achieved stability without disrupting the continuity of our operations. Professionalism, lightning-fast response time and constant availability allowed us to avoid downtime and maintain the full functionality of the company. All necessary and dedicated functions were implemented according to our expectations. NMI ERP not only carried out the necessary training prior to the system launch, but also provided ongoing top-level technical support after the implementation was completed."

Jacek Gardaś, Finance and IT Director at Renta Ltd.

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