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Empowered Business Central

Empowered Business Central is an advanced solution created by Companial in collaboration with the Partner community, providing industry-standard features for professional services, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and distribution. It serves as an excellent complement to the standard Business Central, enhancing it with additional capabilities and functionalities. Implementing Empowered also allows the delivery of more standard and comprehensive features to end customers, resulting in increased satisfaction.

The Empowered Business Central solution is available exclusively to Companial Partners.

With NMI ERP you will gain a better version of Business Central tailored to your industry

Extended Attributes Management

Ability to add custom data to customers, vendors, contacts, tasks and resources
Facilitation of searching, grouping, sorting and filtering data
Advanced Costing

Setting additional costs for individual items or categories of items
Calculating the actual cost of an item, including all additional costs such as shipping, customs clearance, insurance and volume discounts
Obtaining more accurate margins and sales prices
Easy Item Finder

Improving item visibility and searchability by grouping them into a tree-view structure
Browsing item categories and subcategories directly on the item card
Quickly finding items when creating orders and invoices
Complaint Management

Easy management of claims, determining their type, status and priority
Adding comments, linking documents, and assigning tasks to employees
Tracking all interactions with the complaint contact
Advanced Pricing and Discounts

Greater control over prices and discounts by combining multiple types of discounts
Ability to apply three levels of discount percentage at the same time
Managing different price and discount groups per customer, item or item group
Lifecycle Management

Creating personalized lifecycles for items, customers and vendors
Creating and tracking different statuses and adding them to items
Ability to block or allow specific processes in Business Central for each lifecycle status
Time Registration

Tracking and measuring time in days, hours and minutes
Separating billable from non-billable hours
Approving and editing Time Sheets
Daily, monthly and yearly overviews
Automatic tracking of overtime hours
Advanced Project Management

Defining project types and workflows
Assigning projects to teams and securing them from other users
Defining and tracking tasks, their statuses and deadlines
Creating interactions linked to projects
Promotions and Actions

Creating multiple promotions for specific items or customers
Providing extra discounts if a customer meets the promotion requirements
Easily defining target customers, items and item groups
Full automation of promotions in quotes and orders
Tracking promotion performance
Quality Control​

Tailoring tests to the unique requirements of items, categories, customers or vendors
Increasing testing precision with conditional tests that continuously improve based on previous results
Creating unique test documents that meet user needs
Integrating with operational processes by synchronizing with receipts, shipments and outbound processes
Quickly resolving discrepancies by isolating non-conformities or relocating items to the quarantine bin
Detailed historical record of test progress for robust reporting
Document Management System

Storing various types of external documents, such as technical sheets, photos, and others, on the item level and for each order
Customizing which documents are displayed on which page
Mass exporting documents, e.g., all invoices from the last month
Option for automatic archiving when adding an updated version of a document
Logistics Orders

Ordering materials from the warehouse directly in the project environment
Creating logistics orders from the job card and adding one or more project task lines
Choosing between two types of materials: project-specific or general
Viewing all logistics orders along with their statuses
Generating picking instructions for each logistics order
Rental Management

Efficiently managing rental assets in an easy-to-use way
Organizing rental resources into logical groups for easy tracking
Reserving resources for better allocation
Automatically calculating non-available time, including preparation, setup, transportation and check-time
Flexible pricing methods tailored to user needs in rental management
Automatic invoicing for seamless rental biling
Cash Register

Managing point of sale (POS) and transforming the Business Central environment into a fully functional cash register tailored to needs
Simplified cash sale registration
Quick barcode scanning
Easy generation of sales documents
Acceptance of cash or credit/debit card payments
Seamless recording of cash deposit and withdrawal transactions
Built-in voucher system
Defining multiple stores, cash registers, and cash drawers, with real-time inventory updates throughout the day

Extended Attributes Management
Advanced Costing
Easy Item Finder
Document Management System
Promotions and Actions
Complaint Management
Advanced Pricing and Discounts
Lifecycle Management
Time Registration
Advanced Project Management
Quality Control​
Logistics Orders
Rental Management
Cash Register

Benefits of implementing Empowered by Companial

Making more informed decisions about pricing and inventory management
Increasing the accuracy of margins and sales prices by accounting for all additional costs
Faster and more intuitive item finding
More efficient creation of orders and invoices due to easier access to item information
Better customer service through comprehensive registration of claims and all related interactions
Greater transparency and control over the claims handling process
Precise adjustment of pricing offers to meet the needs of different customers and item groups
Increasing the competitiveness of the offer
More accurate billing of working hours through detailed registration
Better control over projects and tasks
Increasing sales by creating personalized promotions for different customers and products
Automation of promotional processes, enabling easy monitoring of results
Better organization and supervision of projects
Improved team efficiency through task status tracking
Better resource allocation through reservation and real-time availability monitoring
Efficient resource management
Improved financial security and transparency
Enhancing customer service comfort and speed by enabling smooth transaction processing

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