Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Connect all areas of your business and manage your company from one place.

Running a business is no piece of cake. Therefore, if you want to have all spheres of its activity under control and you care about keeping your finger on the pulse, consider business applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a modern solution for business – with this software you will, among others, manage HR, warehouse and projects more efficiently. Here is what you will gain by using this business application!

Welcome! Let me briefly tell you what ERP 365 Business Central can change in your business.

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Connect all areas of your business and manage your company from one place

If you run a business, you surely know how important it is to have quick access to data, reports, stock control and human resources. Even if you have the best specialists with high qualifications working for you, you will find it useful to have the support of an IT system.

How does the ERP 365 Business Central system work?

One system, one common database and customized functions tailored to your specific business needs, covering production, warehouse, accounting, sales, as well as workflow or supply chain management. You pay for what you actually need!

What do you gain?

  • a global view of your company’s processes
  • the ability to plan, optimize and analyse activities
  • the option to identify and eliminate problems arising in the company’s processes on an ongoing basis
  • access to relevant data – results, indicators, parameters, without which you manage the company with your eyes glued shut
  • lower infrastructure and management costs
  • indication of loss-making places and inefficient processes
  • increase in the profitability of your company

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will be your business centre and:

  • it will give you better control over what is going on in the company – it is an application that employees in almost every department will use. In addition, it will collect and gather data on finances, advertising, inventory and the achievements of business goals. Thus, you will be able to make accurate decisions quickly, so that the profits of running the company will further maximized;
  • it will increase employee productivity – this software was created not only to control, but also to support employees as they perform their duties. Staff who have access to the system, which is intuitive to use, work more efficiently – this is because it makes it easier to complete orders, manage returns and takes the hustle out of preparing reports, among other things;
  • it is a single platform for multiple tasks – warehouse, accounting, sales, production and much more – by choosing Dynamics 365 Business Central you will be able to manage all departments of your company at the same time. You will do it by using a computer with the software installed – you will have the ability to take care of your business while sitting behind a desk in the office, but also while staying at home or on vacation;

You will find all the information in one application, so you will be able to finally put an end with a stack of reports sent to you by employees of different departments.

What is Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a modern ERP system designed for use in both large and medium-sized businesses. ERP systems, or Enterprise Resource Planning, are designed to support entrepreneurs in management. Based on the data they collect, it is possible to quickly assess the condition of the company and its financial situation.

These systems provide platforms to integrate all business processes taking place in a company. They help watch over finances, accounting, human resources, marketing, production, warehousing and sales. Using an ERP system makes it possible to streamline a company’s operations – this translates into more sales and, consequently, profits.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is also like that. It is an ERP system created by Microsoft – a company that knows IT business solutions like no one else. It created the basis of MS Dynamics NAV software, which premiered in the early 1980s.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a set of modern tools that definitely make it easier to run and manage a business. It can also be integrated with MS Dynamics Sakes (CRM system) and MS Office 365, a suite of applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and many more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – a solution tailored to your needs!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is more than a reliable, highly functional and efficient ERP software. It is a system that can be tailored to the specifics of your company – its size, the way it operated, and in terms of your specific industry.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Business Central is a global application. This means that its mode of operations will be tailored to the country in which it is applied. Thus, the software has also been adapted to Polish regulations and has been certified as a system compliant with the Polish Accounting Act.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has a clear interface and is intuitive to use, and also:

This is what makes the system work for almost any company – you can freely modify it to truly help you manage your business.

Finance and accounting management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will help you manage your payments. In a matter of minutes, you will know which invoice has been paid and which bills have not yet been settled. This includes payments that you will be obliged to make, as well as those that should be transferred to your account.

Additionally, the system has a chart of accounts feature – these are the bank accounts that are used to record transactions in the general ledger. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can quickly obtain the information about revenues and expenses.

The application will also enable you to make accurate business decisions – the projected cash flow function will help you to do so. A forecast for your business will be based on the history of revenues and expenses.

This makes the software from Microsoft a facilitation not only for the business owner. It also provides support to the entire finance and accounting department. It will be useful for budget planning and will eliminate the risk of overdue payment of liabilities.

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Warehouse and inventory management

How a company’s warehouse operates translated not only into the efficiency of its planning processes, but also into customer satisfaction. Fast order processing – its completion, preparation for shipment and shipping is the key to lure as many people as possible to the offer of your store.

A modern ERP system, namely Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, will help you in all this. By using it, you will reduce the time needed to receive and release goods, among many other things. Additionally, it provides a quick overview of warehouse orders, facilitates the control of warehouse inventory and inter-warehouse transfers.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will always know where your products are. One of the features of this system is inventory localization, which will allow you to instantly check whether an item is in the store, in the warehouse or still in the production floor. You will also be provided with a preview indicating the specific branch of your company where the particular product is stored.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is saturated with modern solutions. One of them is forecasting of sales and the corresponding inventory – this is possible because of the use of machine learning systems.

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Sales and marketing

Managing buy-sell transactions Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is easier than ever since this intelligent system can:

  • create buyer records;
  • allow you to efficiently manage orders, i.e., invoicing them, reserving inventory, creating a flexible prepayment system;
  • allow you to quickly obtain information on the availability of given goods.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you will be able to effectively conduct pricing policy. It will give you the ability to give a discount to a selected group of buyers and reduce the price depending on the total amount of sales.

The system helps you not only to sell and control inventory, but also to manage returns. With its help you will be able to keep track of documentation and quickly answer customer questions. It will enable you to create documents for returning goods to their supplier.

The ERP system from Microsoft also means even more effective marketing for your company. By using it, you have quick access to customer data and acquisition sources. It will enable you to plan a more effective marketing strategy.

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Service requests

Are you involved not only in sales, but also in equipment repair and maintenance? Then you will quickly grow to appreciate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With its help, both your employees and customers will be able to report repairs and record service events. Accurate data will be entered into the system by the customer service centre or by the personnel working in the workshop.

Key benefits:

  • automatic notifications and service orders;
  • automatic notifications on the status of service requests;
  • electronic document circulation;
  • convenient price management;
  • easy record of serviced items and contracts;
  • convenient generation of contracts based on service orders.
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Production is usually a complex, multi-stage process – so your company will need extra support in this area. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will provide you that support. Thanks to it, you will:

  • have access to lists of components that are necessary to produce certain goods;
  • know exactly the course of the entire production process – in this system you will find information about the sequence of operations that result in the finished product;
  • have the ability to set production capacity;
  • be able to record raw materials purchased for the production and to follow the entire process of their creation – from the placing of a production order and the release of a component from the warehouse to the creation of a finished product.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will enable you to plan production, but also to manage the cooperation with subcontractors.

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Fixed assets management

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central fixed asset module will simplify your:

  • classifying and recording fixed assets;
  • maintaining depreciation ledgers;
  • calculating, reporting and recording acquisitions;
  • generating an annual depreciation report;
  • keeping records of receiving and liquidating fixed assets;
  • management of fixed assets – the system can contain not only information about their location, but also the data of people responsible for taking care of them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will also suggest you which fixed assets are worth maintaining. It will collect data on, for example, maintenance and repair of equipment and the associated costs. This will help you know which equipment is profitable for you and which is loss-making.

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Project management

If your goal is to execute projects efficiently and quickly, alongside wanting to know how they translate into company profits, you can use the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

It is a system that was also created to:

  • create projects and to be able to control their progress;
  • help you make the right business decisions – if you notice that the implementation of a certain project brings you profit, you will be able to modify the budget allocated to it and devote more funds to it;
  • control the consumption of resources needed for project execution;
  • monitor the progress of employees who are responsible for a specific project – the system allows you to generate time cards showing how much time they spend on a specific task.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will also create project statistics for you. You will know exactly how much money you spend on their implementation and whether they brought you the expected profits. You will also find out whether the workflow and progress of the project were in line with the previously established schedule. Additionally, the system will help you with budgeting and invoicing.

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Human resources and payroll

Do you know how much time is wasted by your employees performing inefficient tasks? It is time to put an end to it and bet on effective and reliable solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central significantly speeds up HR and payroll operations with advanced features:

  • access to detailed payroll and billing;
  • streamlining the circulation and recording of HR documentation;
  • ability to define any salary components;
  • electronic transfers;
  • defining the level of access to sensitive data;
  • automatization of processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows full integration of all areas of the company and streamlines HR and payroll processes. It facilitates handling documentation, vacation leaves accounting, medical check-ups, absences, business trips or sick leaves.

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Power BI – reporting and data analysis

It is the numbers that drive decisions about budget planning, project execution, new product launches or fixed asset investments. That is why data collection is so important in any business.

Based on these numbers, accountants, financial analysts and sales professionals will be able to help you generate profits. That is why, when it comes to data, there is no room for error or insufficiently comprehensive statements.

To plan the kind of financial policies that will keep your company profitable, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes in handy. The functions available within the system – and this includes the modern Power BI tool – will allow you to:

  • keep track of your financial performance in real time – by receiving data, you can quickly learn from it what condition your company is in;
  • have unlimited access to the latest data;
  • analyse data presented in graphical forms – these will be charts, diagrams. Therefore, you and specialists working with you will be able to quickly and easily analyse sales results and profitability of project execution;
  • analyse the chart of accounts.

Reports, charts, diagrams and statements generated by Power BI are transparent and legible – so based on them you will be able to evaluate without any problems what condition your company is in.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will free your accountants and financiers from tedious, time-consuming work – and they will be able to use the saved time to perform other important tasks.

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A system accessible from anywhere and from any device

Do you like to always know what is happening in your company at any given moment? Do you travel often for business, so you want to have an eye on your company and to be able to constantly monitor the situation? Then you will quickly grow to appreciate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This system will allow you to:

Get to know the opinion of specialists from other companies

Microsoft Dynamics NAV turned out to be a system tailor-made for our needs. The improvement of individual areas of the company resulting from the implementation of a comprehensive solution has contributed to an increase in work efficiency and the possibility of its further developments.

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Get to know the opinion of specialists from other companies

Choose any licensing model

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central licensing includes two types of subscriptions:

  • Premium – it is designed for companies whose nature and size requires them to use advanced tools and solutions. This version of the application is rich in powerful business features;
  • Essential – under this subscription you can use the basic functionality of the application. Users of this version do not have the production and service management module.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central software will help you succeed. Managing your business more efficiently, controlling its finances and analysing presented data are just some of its benefits.

Your business can grow thank to it, and your employees will be able to count on the system’s support in performing their duties – so they will work even more efficiently!

Discover new opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

See a video, demonstrating the capabilities of the system

The centrepiece of the system is the user’s Home View. After logging into the system, the user sees a dashboard prepared specifically for their role. The dashboard shows the following elements:

  • individual actions,
  • charts visualizing selected data,
  • and the most needed information, tailored to a specific role.

Access to information in the ERP system is easy, however correct authorisation of access is required. The scope of access to data depends on the role and position of the person in the organization.

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