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History of deployment and use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in ZFO. Joanna Bielawska, Finance Manager, answers nmi erp’s questions. 

Keylite and ZFO, a subcontractor of Keylite RW Ltd UK, offer a wide range of products, including but not limited to roof windows, attic stairs, as well as accessories and accessories. Given the specificity of the industry, in which areas of operation of your company the ERP system is most useful? 

The system is crucial for the correct settlement of production costs and the determination of the cost of manufacturing products. In addition, the system is also implemented in the company's mother Keylite Roof Windows Ltd in the United Kingdom. Using the same system allows data exchange between companies sending production orders, retrieving accounting documents, automatic balance fixing, integrated performance reporting. 

Why did you decide to deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Practical considerations have been decided. As I mentioned, the system is owned by Keylite. Unifying systems in a group facilitates data exchange and order portability. In addition, we can preview your results. Microsoft Dynamics NAV was therefore first implemented in Keylite (which manufactures wooden windows) and then proposed the same thing to ZFO, which is a subcontractor specialising in plastic windows. 

Why did you choose to work with NMI ERP to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV in ZFO, as well as to transfer the maintenance and development of a previously deployed system in Keylite? 

I did not participate in the implementation of the system at Keylite, which was conducted by a previous implementation partner. However, I can say that unfortunately, we correct errors in system settings to this day, e.g. posting production orders, errors in the inventory book due to the lifting of the negative status lock. In addition, the earlier company withdrew at the last minute from another implementation – in ZFO, explaining the more important projects. We were offered a later implementation, but we did not want to start this process from the middle of the year. We approached several competitions at that time and wanted to have our own data and, above all, to put together an accounting and a system so that we knew what was going on in the company. So we were very keen for the system in ZFO to be ready from the first of January. Therefore, we decided to cooperate with NMI ERP – the company agreed to implement the system at a convenient time for us and for this it undertook to make improvements to the system implemented earlier in Keylite, in which there were, as I mentioned, a lot of errors after the previous implementation partner. 


We decided to cooperate with NMI ERP, because the company agreed to implement the system at a convenient time for us and for this it undertook to make improvements to the system implemented earlier in Keylite, in which there were, as I mentioned, a lot of errors after the previous implementation partner. Implementation went very smoothly. The system was configured and started within 3 months. 

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How did zfo finally implement? 

Implementation went very smoothly. The system was configured and started within 3 months. Now is the time to expand your reports and make your system easier to use. 

Were there any difficulties in the day-to-day operation of the company during the implementation of the system? 

We had no problems. Any reported difficulties were resolved immediately. 

From the point of view of your role in the company, finance manager, what do you think are the biggest benefits of using the ERP system? What functionality are you most satisfied with? 

The advantage of the system is that it could be implemented in 3 months. So it's a simple system and you can quickly customize it to meet your business needs, which is to quickly set up accounting, set up procedures for document flow, i.e. Sales, Purchases, Database Registers, all the data that is needed to prepare a declaration, and that's very good. The same is true for production. 

In ZFO, production is really based on manufactory at this point. In the process we do not have too many types of products, plastic windows are quite quickly produced, unlike wooden windows, which are produced in Keylite. Therefore, there is no element of loss of properties during the drying or painting process. In ZFO, the components are cut, welded and assembled. Windows, blinds, various hinges, fasteners are created, but the product catalog is not complicated. Therefore, due to the fact that zfo is a much simpler process of assembling products, it is also easy to configure this process as part of the implementation of the ERP system. 


The advantage of the system is that it could be implemented in 3 months. So it’s a simple system and can be quickly adapted to your business needs. 

Are you missing something in the system? 

As I said, in ZFO we can operate freely in the NAV system, while in Keylite it is already a little more complicated. There are still a lot of elements that need to be worked on, especially since here all the production processes are much more complicated. It would be very good to be able to see the costs on production orders. It is supposed to be possible to post our production costs, but this would require further modifications, so we have a problem with that. You would have to make these postings easier for us. 

At this point, we are also unable to generate a summary report of production data: on the cost of the product, the cost of the production order, the costs of the subsequent stages of production of semi-finished products – this is very lacking. This will have to be worked on. We would also like to be able to assign labor costs to production orders. Here are only configured material costs for production orders, also everything that is in more advanced systems as standard, here needs modification. 

Would you recommend Microsoft Dynamics NAV? 

In my opinion, the system is very good for a small and medium-sized entrepreneur. It can be deployed quickly and works well. Especially when someone has a server in place and can quickly view the data. So if someone wants to quickly implement such a system in a small company – just like ZFO – then this is a revelation. As far as larger companies are concerned, I have doubts here, but perhaps they are due to bad experience with the previous implementation partner. 

Thank you very much for the conversation. 

Thank you. 


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