In 2021, we noticed 3 trends among the solutions most often chosen by our clients. Everything indicates that they will enjoy more and more popularity, also in the coming year. Interestingly, similar decisions are made by companies from different, often very different sectors. Here they are:

Tools to analyze and support the business decisions.

In case of MS Dynamics Business Central, the most frequently chosen tool is Power BI which enables receiving user-defined reports based on data from many business areas.

Process automation.

Everyone is asking for solutions to transform routine and time-consuming tasks into automated background activities. Regardless of the size of the company and the complexity of the processes. Regardless of the area of operation, each business is looking for improvements and time savings. Tools from the Power Automate package are perfect for meeting the expectations of our customers.

Cloud accounting.

The choice of such a business model is the most frequently chosen cooperation option and results from specific benefits. It doesn’t require large financial outlays to start working with the system. Companies don’t have to create infrastructure, ensure data security, and hire specialists who will take care of it. It means savings on many levels. These types of solutions have long been popular in many business services. Now they have also been appreciated by users of ERP systems and other systems supporting company management.

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