RapidStart at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

RapidStart is a tool in Microsoft Dynamics that allows users to:

  • extract data from a database
  • import data into NAV
  • update existing data in NAV

It is especially useful when implementing Microsoft software where it shows the full ness of its capabilities and simplicity of operation. When you generate a table in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for an Excel worksheet, you can copy historical data from previous ERP systems, such as a chart of accounts (image 1 and 2), a list of vendors and customers, materials, inventory, price lists, accounting entries, and an opening balance. The file can then be imported into the system with just a few clicks.

In addition, the system will verify the data and report any errors before applying them to the NAV database. This tool makes life much easier for NAV users, especially when you need to import a large number of records into the system.

On a daily basis, RapidStart functionality helps automate and speed up data updates, e.g. on inventory cards (image 3) of materials, vendors, and customers. You can create your own layouts to help you export editing and import data later.

For example, exporting an item table allows you to edit dimensions, weights, volumes, assigned vendors, descriptions, and many other data in excel without having to open individual cards in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

RapidStart as a tool in Microsoft Dynamics makes it much easier to run. Automates, speeds up, verifies, and reports errors. It is therefore an invaluable help when working on a large amount of data, when it is easy to make mistakes.

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