Implementation of the ERP system

The combination of business and technological knowledge is the basis for a successful ERP implementation

The ERP system alone is not enough to be successful. Knowledge and skills are still needed to implement it effectively.

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What does the implementation with NMI ERP look like?

No two companies are identical, each operates in a different business environment, has different suppliers, a different style of work, and different stakeholders. Each implementation of an ERP system must therefore be preceded by a detailed analysis, thanks to which the optimal implementation scenario can be selected. Your employees know best what tools they need, what needs to be improved in the company, and what works. Therefore, they should be involved in this stage of work.

Pre-implementation analysis is the basis for starting cooperation, choosing a licensing model, setting a schedule of activities and the cost of operations. In ERP system implementations, we use the Sure Step methodology recommended by Microsoft, supplemented by our proprietary elements, developed during many previous implementations. This allows us to provide the client with comfort during the next stages of the project.


    • Verification and diagnosis of customer needs
    • Defining the basic goals of the implementation
    • Defining the scope of the project
    • Selection of appropriate solutions
    • Organization of the project team
    • Defining the scheme and rules of communication
    • Project launch
    • Detailed analysis of business processes
    • Defining the key parameters of the project
    • Determining the scope of data migration
    • Resource allocation
    • Development and approval of the schedule of subsequent phases


    • Development of a complete solution concept
    • Development of a data migration plan
    • Design and implementation of additional functionalities
    • Preparation of adaptation scenarios
    • Presentation of functionality
    • Acceptance tests


    • Preparation of detailed data specification for migration
    • Test data migration
    • User training (basic)
    • Functionality testing
    • Preparation and parameterization of the production base
    • Final data migration
    • System startup (GO-LIVE)
    • Startup support
    • Advanced training
    • Completion of the implementation project


    • Ongoing assistance in the operation of the system
    • Introducing improvements and automation of activities
    • Launching new areas
    • Design and implementation of additional functionalities
    • System development together with the organization
    • Presentation of functionality
    • Acceptance tests

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What is the impact of the implementation process on the company’s operations?

Clients are very often concerned about the negative impact of the implementation on the day-to-day operations of the company. Building a new system, data migration, organizing the organizational structure, and finally learning a new system, and thus – getting rid of old habits. All these elements may disrupt the natural rhythm of work in your company. To prevent this from happening, in NMI ERP we develop a detailed implementation plan, consulted with the client and his employees at every stage. We put business first, we adapt the IT systems we implement to it.

How long will the implementation take?

It all depends on the size of your company, the level of complexity of its structure, the amount of processed data, and many other factors that make your company unique. This means that you will know the answer to this question only after conducting the pre-implementation analysis. We know, however, that the issue of implementation time is bothering you right now, so we must refer to the statistics. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, carried out by NMI ERP, takes an average of 6 months.

Why should you choose NMI ERP services?

The main advantage of NMI ERP are experienced specialists and over 11 years of business knowledge in the field of IT system implementation. We do not offer you a ready-made tool to which you will have to adapt your company. We will propose solutions and functions that are best for your business. We offer you a service in which your company will be equipped with a system ideally suited to it, as well as eliminating its imperfections.

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