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Hello! See how using MS Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to run a modern HR department. 

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No more paperwork!

The biggest problem for HR professionals is the need to control a huge amount of documents. Employment contracts, certificates, recruitment documents, periodic medical examinations – I could exchange indefinitely and I would not even mention the need to settle leave, absence, sick leave, working hours and delegation.

Efficient data flow

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives me the ability to fully automate the most tedious and repetitive HR and payroll operations. The intuitive payroll wizard has allowed me to fully automate the accrual and payment of salaries (thanks to integration with accounting functions), settlement of holidays, absences and working time. Notifications inform me of upcoming deadlines for issuing a work certificate, referral to periodic examinations, or termination of a contract.

Thanks to full integration with the remaining departments in the company, I gained access to all the necessary data, reports and the possibility of generating documents, in accordance with the requirements of Polish law.

MS Dynamics 365 BC actually speeds up HR and payroll operations because it has features such as:

  • detailed payroll/bills;
  • shortlist of wages/bills (cash register);
  • circulation and templates of personnel documents (contracts, certificates, etc.);
  • defining any remuneration components;
  • full automation in cooperation with the Payer program;
  • transfers in electronic form;
  • definable control of access to HR and payroll data.

HR and payroll systems are a basic tool in my company. Automating many repetitive and time-consuming tasks or a system of reminders about deadlines and required actions is a big help for me, but also concrete financial benefits.

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Modern human resources management

Modern HR is no longer so much traditional HR and payroll activities, but above all effective communication. Human resource management with ERP 365 Business Central automates many processes and minimizes the risk of errors, thus increasing employee satisfaction and working comfort.

Discover new capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Human resource management

Extensive human resource records

The system allows you to create detailed employee files with clearly grouped data, such as personal and address data, holidays, bank accounts, loans, time records, employment history or periodic examinations.

HR documents

The Human Resources and Payroll module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes a built-in set of HR printouts (contracts, annexes, certificates, certificates, declarations, referrals and others), and also allows you to create your own templates. It enables the creation, recording and archiving of all documents.

Automatic notifications

The module has a built-in staff reminders mechanism, e.g. information about the need to issue a certificate of employment after the termination of the contract, the need to conduct periodic examinations, etc.

Time records

It allows you to keep a full record of hours worked, day and weekly overtime, or night hours, it is also possible to integrate the system with readers recording working time.

Absence register

The tools of the system enable automatic settlement of the leave, registration of sick leaves, care for a sick child and other absences, as well as calculation of equivalents for unused leave.


The system provides all the necessary data to create working time plans and supports many working time accounting systems depending on the type of contract.


Employment of an employee

The system supports all elements related to hiring a new employee through an extensive file containing all data along with the history of employment (also with previous employers), courses, and acquired qualifications. With the help of the system, it is possible to manage payroll and transfers, as well as calculate the required benefits, social security contributions, income tax advances and handling tax declarations, thanks to the integration with the Payer program.

Dismissal of an employee

It is possible to define a system of staff reminders related to the termination of the contract with an employee regarding the required documents, such as an employment certificate.

Records of employment contracts, orders and specific work

The system creates a complete register containing all employment contracts and civil law contracts with annexes, it also allows you to create printouts of contracts and annexes (their service is facilitated by definable templates of contract printouts).

Calculation of wages

Payroll service

The system allows you to define payroll components with amount values, containing formulas or scripts that retrieve values also from external applications. They have extensive parameterization options. Ingredient values can be defined globally, but also for departments or individual employees. The payroll management tools enable a number of collective operations, allowing for easy introduction of changes to the remuneration system, as well as individual operations for each employee for the settlement of work time records, piecework, commissions, bailiff’s deductions, etc.

Automatic actions

The system allows you to automate the calculation and payment of salaries, it has an extensive and intuitive payroll wizard, a reminder system, and tools for electronic transfers, integrated with electronic banking.

Reports and documents

The system allows you to generate many different reports and documents, such as:

  • detailed payroll/bill list;
  • shortened payroll/bill (to checkout);
  • episodes with payouts;
  • tax declarations;
  • transfer orders;
  • ZUS declarations;
  • revenue cards;
  • payroll cards;
  • job contract;
  • civil law contracts;
  • annexes to contracts;
  • work certificates;
  • certificates.
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