Project management

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See what elements of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system you can use to improve work in your company.

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Project management

Defining the project structure

The Orders module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV), which is a project management tool, enables the definition of various order plans, also with a very complex structure. For the needs of the project, it is possible to assign all necessary resources to a given order, such as employees, machines, materials, to set budgets and execution time, as well as to posting and invoicing. Defined resources can be combined into groups of resources, assigned default costs / prices, define their efficiency and a number of additional parameters that can be used to select resources more effectively for the execution of a given order.

Scheduling tasks

In the structure of a given order, using planning lines, you can create a very detailed plan of tasks to be performed, defining all the necessary activities, resources or resource consumption, as well as the costs of processes and resource use. The tool also gives you access to the following functions:

  • Planning the availability of resources and resource groups (based on assignment to other projects and the level of resource use);
  • Resource allocation – not only within one, but also within all projects defined in the system.
  • Budgets – it is possible to set a budget, then invoice revenues and sales on an ongoing basis, as well as compare in real time what their relationship looks like. You can control whether the costs of the commissioned work exceed what we assumed and at what point it happens.
  • Invoicing – from the level of order task lines, it is possible to directly create sales invoices, correction invoices (both new documents and adding lines to existing documents that have not yet been posted).
  • Statistics – with this function it is possible to control all prices relating to the execution of our order on an ongoing basis.

Records of work performed and inventory consumption

All activities and processes defined in the system are registered and on this basis, a complete record of the work performed, time consumption of resources (employees and machines) and inventory consumption is created.

Resource job cards

Thanks to time sheets, it is possible to manage the working time of all resources (employees, but also machines), as well as monitor their use, in order to prevent delays and exceeding the budgeted costs. The system also enables flow control and the process of accepting work cards, e.g. by order managers. There is also the possibility of accepting worksheets by employees to whom resources have been allocated and are responsible for them.

Work execution control

All activities defined in the system are recorded and recorded on an ongoing basis, thanks to which it is possible to control the implementation of works, plan execution or budget in detail.

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